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Hiring an Immigration Attorney is the Best Decision You Can Make for Your Future in America

February 12, 2020 Comment: 0

By: Perry and Alznauer, P.C.

US Immigration Law Firm

Immigration attorneys help companies, families and individuals navigate the complex world of U.S. immigration law. Companies looking for the right employee, families petitioning loved-ones, and individuals (such as students, athletes, small business owners, entertainers, religious workers, healthcare workers and many others) all encounter a confusing system of rules that regulate how to obtain a visa to enter the U.S, to have permission to work and live in the U.S. temporarily, to get a green card, and ultimately to permanently immigrate in pursuit of the American Dream.

Whether employers need a visa for an employee, or someone needs to petition a family member, respond to a notice to appear in court, a good immigration attorney will make life easier and eliminate the risk of committing common mistakes that eventually ruin even the simplest immigration matter.

Finding and hiring a good immigration lawyer to handle your case is a very smart move that can change your life forever. Here are just a few reasons why:

Immigration Attorneys provide sound and legitimate advice and counsel. When you retain an attorney, he or she will gather necessary information on your case history, identify any potential issues that may impact your application and advise on the best way possible to handle your case.

He or She has a legal team to help in preparing forms & filing applications properly. Filing up forms is not simple as it seems. Regulations and policies require proper document preparation, assembly and submission to the government. Attorneys have paralegals and legal assistants helping them complete the tedious process of completing complex immigration forms and gathering required personal data and documents to complete an application. A small inconsistency in the form and incomplete requirement often lead to your application being returned or even denied. Good attorneys and their team have an eye for all specific details needed to complete an application and sending it timely to the correct government agency.

Immigration Attorneys May Represent You Before USCIS Offices and Immigration Courts. Almost all cases require an applicant to appear for interviews with Immigration Officers and in front of Immigration Judges. Immigration lawyers look after violations of your rights and support your stand. They are able to prepare you on possible scenarios and potential issues that may come up during these scheduled appearances.

Some Immigration Lawyers are Board Certified Specialists.  Immigration attorneys who are Board Certified have spent years specializing and practicing in their field, have passed a rigorous exam and have extensive experience in a wide variety of immigration matters. They are adept at tackling technicalities, identifying common mistakes and scenarios and the best ways to present in court or during interviews. Immigration attorneys with years of experience will understand the specific details that can turn the case in your favor.

Each person’s immigration story and case is different – relying on internet searches, advice from friends and/or web forums will probably cause more harm than success, prolong the case or even get denied or rejected by the government if not properly assessed and presented. It is very important to seek guidance from a reputable attorney who can provide you timely updates on ever-changing immigration laws and policies.

While you may always be tempted to perform a “do-it-yourself” immigration application as it is in our human nature to think that it will save us time and money, most cases end up in misery as one will end up spending more in the process after a case is denied, rejected or even worse being sent to deportation proceedings. Consulting an experienced immigration attorney even before you start your application and hiring him/her to handle your case might be the best decision you will ever make to turn your American Dream into a reality!

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