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P Visa

P Visa

The P visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign nationals to enter the U.S. temporarily to perform at a specific event as an athlete, artist or entertainer, individually or as part of a group or team, at an internationally recognized level of performance. The P Visa consists of four classifications, namely, P-1 (Internationally Recognized Athletes/Entertainers), P-2 (Artists/Entertainers under Reciprocal Exchange Program), P-3 (Culturally Unique Performance), P-4 (Spouse and Unmarried Minor Children of the P Visa Holder).

Specifically, the P Visas are classified as follows:

  • P-1 Visa Internationally Recognized Athletes/Entertainers – To perform at a specific athletic competition as an athlete or as a member of an entertainment group. Requires an internationally recognized level of sustained performance. Includes persons providing essential services in support of the above individual.
  • P-2 Artist or Entertainer under Reciprocal Exchange Program – For performance under a reciprocal exchange program between an organization in the United States and an organization in another country. Includes persons providing essential services in support of the above individual.
  • P-3 Culturally Unique Performance -For practical training and employment and for sharing of the history, culture, and traditions of your home country through participation in an international cultural exchange program.
  • P-4 Spouse and Minor Unmarried Children – Reserved for the spouse and minor unmarried children of the principal P visa holder. The spouse or children are not employment authorized but may attend school or college.

The P Visa holder may work for multiple employers however, each employer must file a separate Form I-129 in support of their intention to employ the P Visa holder. As for the duration of stay, the P Visa may be allowed to stay in the U.S. for up to five (5) years with an option to extend not to exceed a total stay of ten (10) years.


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