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Vic D


Dear Kate and Emily,

Please, be kindly advised that my wife has received immigration visa to USA (attached document), and we would like to thank you for all your help, detailed provided information, and support during this long period from our first meeting in 2018.

Teo N


Hello Emily, John, Kate, Susan, and P&A Team,

Thank you. It is a shared success. I am very glad that we made the decision to embark in this process together. On behalf of my employer and myself, thank you very much for all the support and commitment that you and the rest of the P&A team has provided us during this process. You deserve all the merit, as these results would not have been possible without your presence, assistance, and encouragement.

Veronika Movchan, International Luxury Property


Dear Kate,

On behalf of ILP Group, allow me, at the outset, to express our genuine appreciation and gratitude for your brilliant presentation at the conference.

We are certain that your extensive in-depth experience and profound knowledge of the industry as well as your confidence and faith in the future helped many of our viewers make an important investment decision and cleared up any doubts they might have in these unprecedentedly challenging times.

In the meantime, we are wishing you a wonderful rest of the week and a fabulous weekend!

Veronika Movchan
Business Development Manager

International Luxury Property Concierge Service – CIS Conference (Hong Kong, India, London, Moscow, Los Angeles) – February 18, 2021

Lisa R.


Hi Mary Anne,

Thank you! I’m very glad  that whole process ended successfully!
And I appreciate your help!

Best regards

Stephane E


N-400 Naturalization
July 4, 2020

“Excellent and professional law firm with a very dedicated staff. I have, and I will keep recommending their services. Thank you John, Kate and Emily.”